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First Post on igormiller.com

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10 Amazing Reasons Why to Be an Intern Abroad



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Moving to Germany for a Year! CBYX all over again!

Hello fellow blog readers, viewers, travelers and subscribers! After letting this website just about die (I didn’t even remember how to sign-in!), I decided to put it to good use and pick up where I left off.

High-school ended last year (thank goodness for this, as that was a crazy year!) and I finished my first year of college in May, 2016. I took Gen-Ed and was focusing on a International Business/German Major.

Apart from school, I also started my own online business right before graduating that I am expanding now as well as a consulting company! I’m also getting into affiliate advertising  as well as learning Search Engine Optimization .

I know this is going to be an exciting year ahead… Not only did I just get back from Germany after being there for two months during the Summer and having the privilege to study German in Hamburg, but I also got to see my host-family and friends again. J Needless to say, it was an amazing time!

In 3 weeks from now, es geht los! I received the opportunity to apply for an internship to work at a school in Germany for a year!!! and got accepted! So 3 weeks from now, this amazing adventure will begin, where I will blog about the traveling, the experience and amazing, semantic things that you all will hopefully will not only find cool but also learn from and get to see for yourself!

Apart from having the responsibilities to help manage a boarding school and the dorms, I have the obligation as well to be running my e-commerce business and managing my client’s success overseas! I am totally getting prepared for this as it will require great health, focus, organization, time-management and more!

It’s going to be great sharing all the things that will happen, cities visited, flights, adventures, vacations, travels and incredible things that will be experienced! I hope to also share this experience with you from an entrepreneurship perspective, and give a glimpse of how to possibly start and run your own business, make it profitable and automate it! So not only will the content be about traveling and adventure, but also about maybe even starting that business, or giving yourself the freedom or extra money at the end of the month, rather than vice-versa! It will be really exciting and I really look forward to sharing about myself and how you can benefit!

So, here’s the thing….This blog is great, but it’s outdated. It has this whole .wordpress thing, is about CBYX and would be a total mess to have to reshape and re-do and still incorporate the content of CBYX which people are still reading about. Instead, I will make it simple and I will be creating a new website: igormiller.com

In 3 weeks, it will be open for business as goofy as that sounds and I will start blogging there! If you have a subscription to this site, I highly recommend to subscribe to igormiller.com in 3 weeks.

So that’s it in a nutshell! I look for to sharing this journey with you and am grateful for your time reading this as well as having the privilege of being able to share great and valuable content with you!

Talk soon,

Igor Miller


Holding up Po at the Berlin Mall!


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Budget Cuts

Senior Year has been hectic and there has been no time to blog what so ever. On the other hand, I do have plans to travel and possibly study in the EU(Germany or Amsterdam), this blog will be very active then. For now, it’s not very active 😀

Of course the US Government is making budget cuts to travel abroad programs, such as CBYX. If you don’t know what CBYX is, it’s a program that bridges the relations between the USA and Germany by sending ambassadors/young adults for a year abroad to spread culture and peace throughout the international community. Of course, we want to spend more money on war and guns (anti-peace), whereas sending good people throughout the world, building trust and long term relationships is a waste of money. It blows my mind as well as the other CBYX’ers over the past 51 years. More that 25,000 people have studied abroad in this time.

As a personal example, we are required to each do ambassador project(s). I completed one at the kindergarten and to more than 6 classes at my school in Germany. I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this to say that more than 100 young adults and 30 children learned about the United States and our culture. 130 more people who understand us and want to travel here, that’s not counting the people they tell. That’s not counting the newspaper, relatives, host family, community and other people who our influences by my story to travel here and see what’s different. If each person in the program did even half of that, that’s more than a million or two people who have learned, overheard or read about the program and learned about the USA. People who might come to the United States, live here and so on. This increases international relations. Not fighting wars everywhere in the world and terrorizing others. That’s what Rome did. It crumbled.

Stop the nonsense and petition, petition for our nation because each vote counts. I know many people say, this really makes a difference and you know, we all think it’s not true and yeah right, like my vote will count, but somehow, for this, it really is different. Your vote matters!!!

Create Peace and sign this petition. It WILL take less than 30 seconds guaranteed.

Please. Do it for the future. And send an email out about it. Tell other people! SPREAD THE WORD NOW. They may not care, but they might sign it if you persist. Your fighting for peace.


Best Wishes,

Igor Bayluk