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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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Rise and Shine! Time to get off to school, well actually not this early at 4am.

Today will be my returning year in American school after the CBYX program in Germany as well as the first time for my host-brother Marc. I remember when I was just in his shoes last year going off to the Herchen Gymnasium and it was definitely a crazy experience, because I didn’t even speak the language. Marc is almost fluent in English so that makes life much more easier. He hasn’t got a schedule yet so we will be in search of a guidance counselor today.


It is fun having Marc as a host-brother and we enjoy playing chess and playing speed mitten, watching movies and socializing in German/English. Due to my studies, I can’t spend a whole lot of time currently with Marc, but since he will be doing Cross Country too, I feel that is great because we will get to spend at least some more time together. He is a great, kind kid and very smart. I have had a few schedule errors (which I need to fix today), but for the most part will be taking 5 classes, almost all AP or Honors and I would really appreciate taking the small business/entrepreneurship class this year.


Piano has been going well too and I enjoy playing music. After about 5, 45 minute lessons, I am playing Bach and Tsheykovski but I want to do much better than now, because even though my teacher says it sounds great, I am displeased. I’ll upload a Youtube clip sometime too.


Tomorrow will be our first big cross country meet and this evening we have a pasta party, which will be cool and hopefully yummy 🙂 It’s amazing it’s my last year, but I am ready to get off to a university as quick as possible.


I wish everyone else a great start and welcome back or to the parents who have to haul all the kids around,

Have Fun!





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