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My Best German Friend Damien Goes To Netherlands for the Day….

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Damien is one of my German Best Friends and I asked if he could write a little about his Netherlands Trip. We went to many places,  had many adventures in Germany and played around with computers and PC’s. Here’s his trip 🙂


July 23rd, 2014

We (My little sister, my Dad and me, Damien) went on a trip to the Beach t’Gorsje at the Brouwersdam between the Rheindelta-Islands Goeree-Overflakkee and Schouwen-Duiveland in the Netherlands. The special thing about the trip was, that it was a one-day-trip, having the destination ‘beach’ and swimming there, then driving home at night. From where I live, Windeck-Dattenfeld, Germany, it were a bit less than 360 kilometres.

We wanted to start at 6AM, some of us (my sister) being able to go on sleeping in the car. Yeah. I could never sleep in the car. It’s not possible for me, I don’t know why, but i sleep very bad, and in car, i don’t sleep at all. So. 6AM? Well, as my Dad explained to me, while waking up and seeing 7:30 at the clock or something, he was too tired and thought it would be better to start later. So we started at about 8AM.

We drove about half an hour and had to fuel our car in Hennef. I reminded my Dad not to overdrive, having in mind, that gas is less expensive in NL. It wasn’t, more about that later. It took us about 34 kilometres to reach the first Autobahn and leave our home ‘Siegtal’. We drove through the City of Bonn, because the GPS trolls us. It was a horrible mistake and added half an hour. Why not just stay on the Autobahn, GPS? GPS: Beeep. Well, leaving Bonn in the direction of Aachen, Mönchengladbach, Eindhoven NL. But before leaving Germany, we did some Geocaching to have a break from driving. More information on the hobby Geocaching on http://www.geocaching.com and Wikipedia.

Now it’s near! The border. Borders are not very spectacular in middle europe, due to Schengener Abkommen and so on. The only thing there is, is a sign which, in this case, says ‘Nederland’ and has the european stars around it. And the signs no more being in German language and having another style. And some speed restrictions. Speed limit in NL is 130 on Autobahn and 80 on smaller roads.

So I told my Dad to slow down a bit, however he didn’t. Anyway, we were on the A67 between Eindhoven and Tilburg, later between Tilburg and Breda. We listened to dutch radio, understanding no more than that it will be ‘achtentwintig graden’ (=28°C) later on. In fact, it was 30. Very good. Due to the position of Holland being near the sea and a bit more northern than Germany, it is rare, that it’s warmer there than here, but it was. It was, one can say, a perfect day for swimming.

After leaving the last Autobahn, it took quite a while to get to our destination, due to none of the roads going the direct way, and also due to the speed limit. I recommend you to browse Google Earth to find out about the geographical conditions. And also to see some pictures. So, finally, at least me being completely tired, we reached the parking area near the beach. Man it was warm!

We went to the beach and had a great time relaxing, swimming in the quite cold water and eating some ‘snacks’ for meal. My Dad asked ME to order the food, because he kinda thought that I would be able to speak the dutch language, I didn’t and I refused. We bought some classical dutch unhealthy meal like ‘Frikandel’, ‘Kip Nuggets’=Chicken Nuggets and some french fries. For a relatively low price, we ate and soon went back to our stuff at the beach, having another break and later going on swimming and relaxing.

Later in the evening, we went to another bar to be surprised, that, on the menu, they told us that ‘real’ food could only be ordered until 5PM, but the employees didn’t mind and gave us, what we wanted, a very nice man was even able to speak German quite well, as many dutch people do, they can learn German at school. We ate ‘Poffertjes’ for dinner, google that, please.

It was great and, after taking pictures of the sunset, we slowly went to our car, being proud of having had a nice day at our favourite beach, where we already have been twice, once during 2-week-vacation at nearby CenterParcs in 2007, when we discovered this beach, once in 2012, on a similar trip as today.


So we drove back home at 10PM. My sister was already very tired and slept soon, whereas I never could. We took the same route as in the morning, we were almost out of gas and unfortunately, we were too far away from the border to not to fuel in NL, so we went to the next gas station. 1.84! One Euro and 84 cents for one litre of Euro95. That was insane. At home, we had like 1.53. ‘Well, never mind’, my Dad said and we drove another two hours to finally arrive at home.


Tired. Wanna sleep. That was the day. I recommend all of you going to a dutch beach one day, maybe even two!

I enjoyed the warmth and swimming, but in the end of a trip you always feel tired and want back home, because you don’t have a hotel to rest in. You want to go to the bed you know and sleep 😀

Thank you for reading.


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