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Hallo und Guten Tag! 

Sorry everyone that I have not updated this blog sooner! I have been very busy with all the sports and clubs that I almost forgot about this site. Well, not almost. I have started learning Deutsch at the International Language Academy in Charlotte, as well as having a very nice guy named Henry teaching me German; he was a German foreign exchange student for a year as well!

I found out I will be flying out on a B777 for Frankfurt on the 10th and it’s pretty awesome, because I just finished reading a book on the building of the Boeing 777! I look forward to flying on one now Very, VERY much. 🙂 

School has been going great! All A’s and a low grade of 95%. “Not to brag.” I started the Flight School club and CyberPatriot club in JROTC and look forward to presenting the awards to the young cadets who ‘soloed on the Flight Sim.’ and completed ground school! Congrats Cadet Shank, Streuber, and Coley! 

I’m also getting ready for the SAT, so that should be interesting! I prefer taking it here, rather than in Deutschland in Deutsh! That would be VERY interesting 😀 


Well I will keep you updated and make sure you’re subscribed!


Kind Regards,

Igor Bayluk



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